Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Decisions, decisions,

Diane over at Martinis for Two left a comment on my last post, since the post was about needing a new car (or just more reliable transportation) she asked what kind of car I had in mind...ayyyeee....I wish I knew! I envy those people who know for certain what kind of vehicle they want. I detest making major purchases so I'm sure that has a lot to do with my dilemma.
Here's the checklist.
*We're tall, I'm 5'10" and The Husband is 6'1", we don't fold like we did when we were younger so legroom is a big deal..oh yeah...and if I sit in the back seat I hate it when my head grazes the ceiling.
*I need something that handles steep inclines, I make a lot of trips over mountain passes...steep ones. I'm still healing from a foot injury so I haven't used my skis in a couple of years...I'm really looking forward to being able to ski again, so a rig that handles snowy roads is a good idea too.
*My last two rigs were two-door models, I'm thinking a four-door is a good idea, cramming folks into the backseat is a bit of a drag.
*Room for a dog crate would be pretty cool, but I don't want one of those giganto gas hog SUV's...nooooo....I'm used to 30 mpg - that's not great but it's not horrible either.
* I've never owned a foreign car, don't know that I want to start now...not sayin' I won't...just not sure that I want to send my car dollars to another country - I'm quirky that way. Maybe it's because we've made a living farming for 28 years, I try not to buy foreign food either - but sometimes that European cheese jumps into my shopping cart! Oh yeah, and Italian wines...I'm inconsistent at best...I'll own that.
Avoiding the whole thing sounds like a great idea to me, until Mrs. Greenthumbs refuses to start again...

One of my avoidance tactics is to go out to the barn and "work" on stuff. I bought this funky little vanity at the Re Store for 14 bucks, it was a mess...but nothing a little sanding and painting couldn't fix.

OK...here's how freaked out I am. I painted the inside of the drawers a screaming pink, the name of the color is American Beauty - I don't even like pink. Freakin' out here I tell ya, freakin'.
I hung a shelving unit (ReStore agian ....$11!) above the vanity - it has a drop-down panel that works as a little desktop...how cute is that? Hey man, I can work on projects out in the barn until the end of the year...heck...more like forever there is so much to work on out there. Eventually I'll have to go to town to get more paint...I'm gonna need a car that starts to get to town.
It's a vicious circle I tell ya...vicious.

For some crazy reason I really like this...pink....whadya know, and it's in a barn no less.
If you're wondering, The Husband just looked at me, smiled...and shook his head.
He does that a lot.


tami said...

I'm hearing great things about the Ford Edge and small SUV crossover...

Jerrie said...

You know a lot of our American cars are assembled in the U.S. w/ parts made all over the world...Just to throw a wrench in there.

By the way...LOVE the pink! What fun to open a drawer and have it be PINK! :)

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Shelly! I know you don't want foreign, but I highly recommend a Honda CR-V. It is roomy and four door. My next choice would be a Ford Escape. Lisa

Lori said...

Love husbands reaction, love it!

kenju said...

You did a great job on that dresser. I don't care much for pink, but hot pink is fine! Good choice.

I've been driving Chrysler minivans for about 24 years now. They haul like a truck and drive/ride like a car, and mine gets about 20 mpg.

The Quiet Rage said...

If you feel guilty about the Italian wines, Sonoma County and Napa County have some good ones;)

I like the pink, too.

Carletta said...

I hope you find a car you like. It is so hard these days to decide what with gas prices and all.
I had to smile when I read 'we don't fold like we used to.'

I love the pink! That's a cute little set up. Is is staying in the barn or going elsewhere? I like the hide away top.

Robert said...

You know I don't think there are any truly American cars anymore these days. Toyota, a Japanese company builds cars here in the U.S. Jeep which is (or was) a U.S. company, builds some of their cars in Canada. Even GM cars, if I'm correct, have parts made in other countries. So what is truly an American car nowadays? I'd like to know.

Diane Mandy said...

Be sure to check out the Honda Element--a very versatile car, which sounds like it wold fit your needs. I LOVED mine. SInce I moved to Germany, my brother owns it, hauling his drums and band equipment all over the foothills and mountains of SW Virginia. He loves it too.

pink dogwood said...

I love the idea of white cabinets with pink drawers - so cute.

Anonymous said...

Ford Exploder!

Perfect choice!

Jodi | Wendi said...

hot pink is well.....HOT!

quilly said...

Oh! I love the vanity, pink drawers and all. As a rule I'd avoid that color, too, but it really works here!

My sister and her tall husband have a Scion and they love it -- they travel all over in it, including up and down PNW mountains (they live on top of one of those[okay, second house from the top, but close!]).

Dianne said...

when I'm in avoidance I eat chocolate and drink wine, you restore furniture!

Love the pink drawers

I want a Nissan Murano so bad!

Minkydo said...

Love the dresser! It's so cute.

Hope you find the vehicle you want. I know what I want, but it's going to be a bit before I can get it :)