Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fire Power

Last night as I was leaving the valley to come home from the cabin I noticed this giant bank of smoke in my rear view mirror. There is a wildfire burning several miles away but the smoke settles in the valley and always reminds us how volatile the situation can be. I checked on the status of the fire this morning, it started in somebody's pumphouse - scary to say the least.
The crews are mopping up another fire that burned 1500 acres and now this one is taking off fast and furious.

Speaking of utilities...wahhooo-eeee! The crate with the main panel for our solar system arrived, I will have lights! The funny thing is I've grown attatched to my lanterns, candles for night lights, the whole "roughing it" scenario is about to change....not quite sure I'm ready for it.


Jerrie said...

But what an exciting adventure - to live off the grid with the comforts of a home. I think it is great! And you can still use your lanterns and's okay!

Loving watching your progress. Love it. Love it.

quilly said...

I don't mind "roughing it" in the summer time, but winter and fall, I want my creature comforts! I hope you stay safe and fire-free!

Carletta said...

I agree with Jerrie - you can still use those lanterns. It wouldn't be a cabin otherwise would it!
Off the grid - doesn't that sound wonderful.

bobbie said...

I'm so proud of you - and of everyone who goes solar.

By all means, continue to use your lanterns.