Sunday, August 3, 2008

Party on the Patio!

Yesterday my friend Tami called and invited The Husband and I over for drinks on her patio tonight. It was my birthday today and I thought we would just pop over for a drink or two and then maybe hubby and I would go to town and grab a quick dinner.
I love hanging out on Tami's patio. It's cozy, it's's pretty high on my list of favorite places. Tami and her husband Fred are fabulous hosts, they make such a great team - they make entertaining look effortless.
We had settled in with our cocktails - I brought a bottle of champagne and the fixin's for bellinis, it's been my drink of choice this summer.
Lo and behold, in walked a surprise guest - Tami had invited our friend Adeline, Ad was a teacher at our high school, Tami and I both took Spanish from her.
She's so much fun, she has the best stories - I love to listen to her.
Teacher and student...just a few years after my graduation...ok, more like 30+ years.

A few minutes later the next surprise guest walked onto the mom!
So.... drinks turned into a fabulous dinner. Grilled chicken & veggies served with pasta and alfredo sauce...oh yum, this photo doesn't do it justice. Tami says it's their quickie summer dinner, our house a quickie summer dinner is called a sandwich. See why I love hanging out on her patio? Fred calls us "patio rats" - I want to have T-shirts printed that say that...I'll wear mine with pride.
Then Tami brought out this wonderful homemade chocolate cake, she served it with ice cream of course....I'm probably going to dream about this cake tonight - it was so good.

What a great day...this is what I'm feeling like, I'm off to dream about great friends and surprises...and cake.
Oh wasn't a dream, it was real.
I'm such a lucky girl.
Thanks Tami and Fred, you guys are the best!


Anonymous said...

That cake last night was good, but it will be even better for breakfast this morning :P

quilly said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you have wonderful friends who know how to help you celebrate. I am glad you enjoyed yesterday and hope today holds twice as much fun, joy and love.

Robert said...

What a wonderful time you had. Happy Birthday!

Jodi and Bill said...

Happy Birthday Shelly! We just about crashed the party but thought we'd give you a year looks good!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Shelly! What lovely friends. A perfect night. I know you must be a good friend because the way you treat your friends.