Tuesday, January 1, 2008

*Focus*...on the little things

Happy New Year!
Resolutions. I usually just pick one word. Two years ago it was *stretch*. Last year is was *move*. My friends joke that I inject more action verbs into my conversations than most people, they're right. This year I haven't given my word for the year a lot of thought...I guess it usually just jumps (action verb) out at me. I'm waiting for the jump but perhaps it's not going to...maybe it's already here. Perhaps I should pay more attention to my thought process. Sit still long enough without all of the distractions...sure enough...the word has been here all along. *FOCUS* Helloooo.
Several days ago The Husband noticed that I had a tail light out in my car. When he got home from work the next day he asked me to help figure out which light it was because he couldn't remember. Left? Right? On his way out the door to go to town to get the new part, he turned around and came back in and asked me "did you say you needed new wiper blades?"... I know it doesn't seem like a whole lot to some people....but I love that kind of thing. Those little tiny thoughtful gestures that people do for one another, not just husbands and wives - - but friends, neighbors, parents, kids....and hopefully ...once in a while....strangers. We've just experienced "the season" of peace and love and joy, most of the people in my life are great about reaching out, I love it...it's so inspiring. While I was out shopping the past few weeks I decided I was going to try to have a really good experience with every clerk I dealt with...not only that but to make real eye contact with them, make it as much about them as it was about me (gee..can ya tell I spent a lot of time working retail?)and ya know what? I had a great time...I think they did too. I guess I started using my new word a couple of weeks ago without even knowing it.


tami said...

Nice post. And a nice new header for the new year too. It is a good word, not easy, but good.

Jerrie said...

'Focus' - what a good word to...uh...focus :) on for the year! I can tell you put a lot of thought into that. :)Looking forward to reading your blog in the new year! :)

Happy Day!