Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I won, I won, I WON!

Yipppieeee...I'm a winner!
Lori over at Lipsmacking Goodness (she's on my sidebar over there on your right )had a contest for her blogaversary a while back. Lori is cooking light and she bought this Cooking Light book for herself..and one a a give away to her readers. I love to collect cookbooks so I was particularly interested in the contest.

Here's the deal. I never win. The Husband is the winner around these parts, not me. So imagine my surprise when Lori picked my name out of the hat! I about fell over. The neat thing is that I was one of her first commenters when she started her blog, I was also new to blogging and when I saw her first posts I wanted to encourage her to keep up the good work - and helllooo...the girl posts wonderful recipes.
The book came in the mail today and it's fabulous. Much like Lori I'm trying to
lighten up my cooking a bit. When I diet I tend to stick to the same old recipes, afraid that if I branch out I'll completely fall off the wagon - which of course always happens. I looove good food, good cooks, parties that good cooks host where they serve yummy stuff. If someone tells me they went to a party my first question is usually about the food, not "who was there" or "what did you wear".

So, thanks to Lori...I can still be all about the food, it will just be a bit lighter - and hopefully so will I :)

Pop on over to Lori's ....there's lots of yummy stuff. The last recipe of hers that I tried was the miso salad dressing... it's fabulous!

*Sorry about the sideways photo, Blogger is being a bit snarky lately.


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quilly said...

Shelly, get a Photobucket account and post your photos in your blog that way. No more blogger worries and you can post a photo even when Blogger soesn't want to!

Dianne said...

How cool!!

I always thought you were a winner :)

Lori said...

Thank you so much Shelly. You are the best! I am so glad you won it. It's simply serendipity!

I love what Dianne said!