Sunday, January 4, 2009

Conversations about Santa

Conversations at the family Christmas party today.

Clara asks Shelly some questions.

Clara: Where did you go when Santa was here?
Shelly: I was over there by the punch to Brad.
Clara: Huh uh....
Shelly: Sure I was, right over there...see? Here's my punch cup.
Clara gives Shelly a stern gaze.

Then Riley has a few questions for Uncle Ron.

Riley: Were you Santa?
Uncle Ron: No silly, I was right here...remember?
Riley: Oh yeah, so who was Santa?
Uncle Ron: Santa was Santa.
Riley: No really....who was Santa?
Uncle Ron: Why don't you think Santa was Santa?
Riley: Cuz Santa had hands like a lady.

Hmmmm....I guess next year Santa should wear gloves.


quilly said...

Confused. Why would Riley ask Uncle Ron if he were Santa, if he (Riley) knew Santa was a woman? OR, does Uncle Ron have soft lady-like hands?

These are sharp kids. Watch your P&Qs. They're on to you!

Jerrie said...

Funny funny. Gotta love kids!

Dianne said...

Kids make excellent lawyers :)

perhaps Santa gets manicures - it could happen!

Lisa said...

LOL. No man hands for this farm girl!