Monday, January 26, 2009

Ready. Set. Go buy paint!

But anyone else having problems loading pictures on blogger? I've written a few posts with pictures and they come out all garbled so I just give up and go do something else...mean old blogger.
Okay...I've decided to start playing around out in the crafty part of the barn. It's the old calf nursery, we cleaned it all up..lottts of pressure washing...ewwww - how do tiny little calves splatter pooh that high? Hubby helped me hang some plywood on the walls, they had some barn insulation so that's good. Then I got kooky with paint, one wall is red (it was 5 bucks on the reject cart at Home Depot)and the rest are yellow. It's still a barn but the feeling is a little bit red/yellow/funky/Scandinavian kitchenish. Friends gave me a reject desk that you see in the photo...the orange chairs are from my friend Susie, they're from her childhood breakfast table... that chair with the red throw was my moms, for my entire childhood that was the chair she sat on in the evenings to do her needlepoint.
The place is full of old rejects but fun none-the-less. It's where we have the pumpkin carving party, where we have the wreath making can make a huuuge mess and close the door and walk away.
Since I have a giant itch to paint -and I'm kinda sick of the yellow/red thing...this is where the grey is going to go. I'm going to do one corner at a time and the desk corner is where I'm planning to start. Using a dark gray on the base of the desk, a softer gray on the upper shelf...maybe a faux stone treatment on the half/walls, they're yucky old concrete and need something, not sure about that though cuz I know "faux" is sooooo over. But's a barn. I don't know that I care if I'm totally off trend, faux is fun annnd cheap...this place is all about the cheap.
Oh...and the circus tent treatment on the ceiling would be so cool out here!
What do ya it? Am I nutso?
Too late, as soon as I post this I'm headed to the paint store!
Wanna come over and help paint?
he he he


Lori said...

I say do it! I cant wait to see the new color. I have been so itching to paint in my den here. I have a blue grey idea going and had some more inspiration today. I am catching your paint bug all the way across the country.

quilly said...

I am looking forward to the AFTER pics!

Rathna said...

What is the color you've choosen for your store?,and I really love to smell the fregrence of paint standing aside but hate the work
to paint :-)

bobbie said...

It's such fun to redo rooms. This one looks great. That big painting looks interesting.

And you did mellow yellow without knowing it!

tami said...

The new gray is pretty but my mama instilled in me a gray issue. We live in the northwest and if we want to see gray we should look out the window.
Danny's room is gray, and it is a pretty color, Martha paint, of course. Buzz over and take a look sometime.
Also, brown and gray...makes me think of a rodent. So when I think of gray at my house I get the willies because of the wood floors and furniture.
Party barn-go crazy! I'll come over no matter what.
Just sharing my personal issues at my place...