Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Door a Dear

photo - one of my lovely old doors, waiting for me to come up with an idea

Several years ago I was at my favorite recyled building materials haunt and I found a pair of doors. It was love at first sight and I plunked down the money for them. It's never a lot of money at the ReStore but considering the fact that I didn't need them, didn't have a place for them, didn't really have the foggiest idea what I would do with's a bit odd that I made the purchase. I said - I saw them - I loved them - I bought them.
Ever since that day I've been moving them from one spot to another out in the barn to make sure they don't end up sitting in a puddle of water (leaky roof) or get bumped , knocked over and broken....perish the thought!
This week the light went on...I found a picture that will now give those doors a home, a function , a chance to be all they can be!
And I will have a really groovy cabinet....
I just have to build it....hmmmm.
I'm sure The Husband would be happy to give me a hand, this thing is gonna be big, and those doors weigh a ton! Really honey, I've got it all figured doesn't have to be's just going in the barn!

Of course the idea photo is painted's all I see these days. ;)


quilly said...

That photo isnt of a cupboard, Shelly! It is of a built in pantry! Yes, you ARE thinking big!

Jerrie said...

Oh I like your idea. Lots of room for your party *stuff* in that "cupboard." Good luck and have fun!

theSNAPsisters said...

Way to reuse and recycle! I love that restore:)

Carletta said...

I love that old door.
Can't wait to see what you do?
Your barn must be much bigger than I thought. :)

Lisa said...

I love doors! I have a stack of them out in the barn... waiting for the day when I'll figure out what really cool thing to do with them.