Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Word of the Year

Finally...I have it.
My word of the year. Not one to do resolutions, I prefer to just choose one word that I would like to wrap up my plans for the year...no disappointment, no failures...just a concept or idea.
This has been my New Years process for more than a decade, I hear it's become trendy...not gonna say I'm a step ahead, I'm usually more of a step to the side kind of girl - unintentional of course.

"The word" is almost always and action verb, not crazy action like "run", more in the realm of "stretch" or "focus" (last years word).

So, without further delay...the word is....

.....yup...I'll be fifty in August. I know it's not an action verb. But I'd like FIFTY to be about action.
Fifty actions. New stuff, stuff I haven't done before, places I haven't been.
Life around here seems to go in three or five year increments. Jobs, tasks, projects...seem to run from 3-5 years...and then it's time to change it up. From 45-50 a lot of stuff got done around here, but it seemed a bit repetitive. Not that there weren't opportunities, I think I just stayed on the farm and took care of things around here, happily puttering away, I felt pretty centered...perhaps a bit self-centered. I passed on vacations, adventures, ski trips, parties - the list goes on.

I'm not making a list of fifty things I want to do, I'd like to be open to possibilities, to snap out of that home-centered mentality. Like when I took a road trip about ten years ago, I flew by the seat of my pants and ended up staying at a cottage belonging to a friend of a friend. Just beyond the cottage there was a grove of trees, it was incredible...there were picnic tables, a stream, cozy chairs....and a giant trapeze.
Every Sunday a group of friends gathered to "fly".

I was a chicken, I didn't "fly". But I hope that this year, if I end up at the end of a road, and there is a trapeze...I hope that I at least climb that ladder and stand on the podium and think about taking the leap.

Tonight I'm adding the first thing to my list, it's silly really... I'm just going someplace I said I didn't care to go...but now that I'm looking to add to "the list"....it's a whole new mindset.

Only 49 to go.


Jerrie said...

Fantastic. I am excited to be a voyeur on your journeys this year! :)

bobbie said...

What a great idea! You go, girl!

Lisa said...

and fly you should. That should be your action word along with fifty.

Just fly girlfriend.

quilly said...

I was thinking about banning procrastination this year. Maybe I'll do it later ....

Action seems like a good theme. There are going to be adventures ahead!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful New Year treat to see that you decided to post again. Thanks!

Dianne said...

this is gonna be exciting!

I loved 50! I felt in power.

53 is sucking a bit but for external reasons - my heart and soul and spirit are younger than ever :)

you rock young woman!

Carletta said...

To paraphrase a LeeAnne Womack song - 'whenever you get the stand back or fly - I hope you fly!'

Lori said...

When I lived in AZ, I worked witha woman who went skydiving for her fiftieth birthday. I can see that.

My fiftieth wont be for six more years but I can feel that feeling of wanting to go out of your center. Good for you. I love to read about your interesting adventures.