Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Sirius Question

Yup...that's my roof, and my TV antenna. No cable service here at this old farm, we joke about getting a satellite dish but we just never do it, the list of reasons is long and boring.
The new vehicle that we bought last fall came with satellite radio, and a free trial period of Sirius Radio. Well...the free ride is over and it's time for us to make a decision. I love having satellite radio, especially when I drive to the cabin - when I go over the mountain pass I don't get radio signals but I DO get Sirius....and I love it. Part of my decision making process for any purchase is research, that's just what I do. The research on Sirius has turned up a whole lot of unhappy customers...oh. my. if the posts are to be believed the folks at Sirius have built quite a bad reputation.
So...any advice? Do it? Don't do it? Anybody out there been double billed and had "sirius" problems trying to deal with the customer service department?
As it stands right now I won't be signing up....ahhh...the power of the internet.


quilly said...

We were going to sign up, and didn't for those same reasons!

Carletta said...

I can't give any help here but I love your title!

My it looks very cold there!