Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Man's Trash

Here at this old farm we like to rescue stuff. Every cat we've ever had was a rescue cat, our first dog came to us because he was looking for a home...and the dog we have now was found wandering a country road.

The furniture and cabinets in the party barn are all recycled, the cabinets at the cabin are all recycled...mostly from the Re-Store in Bellingham.

I love the Re-Store, I hadn't been there in a while so last week when I was in town and just happened to be driving by....well...of course I had to stop in and see if there was anything that needed to come live at the farm. I saw this desk, I walked away from this desk, drove home...and this desk haunted me all evening. I told The Husband about it and he gave me his usual Re-Store chuckle....this has happened more than once...I see it, I walk away from it, and then I can't stop thinking about it.

The next day I went back to look at it again and I decided I just had to have it. When The Husband went with me to pick it up he looked at me - he looked at it - he looked at me again and said "you paid how much for that?".

It's the first time in oh-so-many purchases at the Re-Store that he has questioned my judgement. I told him he's gotta have the vision. I see it stripped all the way down to raw wood and sitting in front of a window at the cabin, or painted a really soft buttery yellow and scuff sanded, or painted a glossy black with glass drawer pulls....oh....imagine the possibilities.

The man needs the vision I tell ya, now that the desk is home and in the project barn, I still really like it...he still thinks it's UGLY!

What do you see? Painted? Stripped? Returned to the Re-Store and re-donated?


Lisa said...

I see it buttery yellow, sanded around the edges and stain rubbed over it... but that's just my vision. ;)

Dianne said...

first of all - I LOVE your rescue soul - it is so endearing, make me want to hug you

the desk is beautiful! I love it's lines - especially at the bottom
I see it stripped down and stained a warm natural wood hue

the Mister will come around :)

Oh - I also see the desk sitting in my house LOL

Carletta said...

I'm with Lisa on this one. That would be a casual feel.
But, more formally glossy black and glass knobs.

I have a small desk with the same type of legs in my attic which surprises me because I know mine was handcrafted. Hmmm...a little paint....

quilly said...

I see it painted a really soft, buttery yellow, scuff sanded and sitting right here in my house where this stupid folding table I am sitting at is!

How much to ship it?

Lori said...

I see it kind of a sand color with sanded milk paint type look. Shabby, chic I tell yah! If he had the fashion vision Shelly, he'd be in NY city, eh heh not married, being a designer and making big bucks.

kenju said...


I'd paint it, but I don't know what color yet. I'll decide when it arrives here, okay?