Friday, January 16, 2009

Island Moments

Bergie's first ferry ride.
Beautiful view of the week.

I like to click on this one to make it bigger, because it's
just too pretty not to ;)

It was a great week. The sun came out...
I took a ride on a ferry, puppy went for her first
ferry ride, we had a fabulous time with
dear friends...
lunched and laughed with my family.

*Note to self *
Do that more often.

Have a great weekend!
Another adventure!


bobbie said...

Really beautiful! I love the one of Bergie. I often wonder - what is the dog thinking? Wouldn't you love to know?

quilly said...

I know that view! You were on the Sound. Which island(s) did you visit?

Lori said...

Oh it is so pretty!

Hey, you won my Cooking Light giveaway. Email me.

Carletta said...

A really lovely view!