Sunday, January 11, 2009

Make it Pretty

Isn't this the prettiest cup of coffee? I love it when a coffee shop takes the time to present a simple thing like a latte as a work of art. Try as I might, this is something I have yet to master,
hey.... a girl can't do it all.
If you're local check out the Lettered Streets Coffee Shop on Dupont in B'ham.
Very cool.


quilly said...

Pretty! How do they do that?

Jerrie said...

That is a nice shop. I think with lots of practice I can make mine look like a snow capped mountain! :)

theSNAPsisters said...

I have never had a special design on my latte-I need a new coffee spot! Looks pretty!

Lisa said...

LOL. I've tried to do this... it's definitely an art. I saw a program about this on Food Network one time and wanted desperately to be able to serve someone one of these.

Carletta said...

That's cool!

Mal said...

I can do that Auntie, I really can!
Someday when I live on this old farm I will open a coffee shop in one of my many buildings (I think I'll call it "Beautiful Bean" or maybe "Garden Grind" or possibly "Bergie's Brew Barn" and I will serve you a cup just like this....."here is your latte ma'am would you like a garden view or would you rather have a seat in our waterfront pool dining room?" :)