Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lesson #1, Your car is not a boat.

Oh my gravy boys and girls....I have seen some folks do some silly stuff that last few days.
Heard a few stories about people who think their car is some sort of batmobile, that they can drive through two feet of flood water without bad stuff happening. Sorry kids, cars are not boats...use your noggin. Barricades at the end of the road are there to keep you from drowning your car, it's not a slalom course set up for your amusement.
There are barricades at both ends of my road, I've seen crazy people drive around the policeman that is stationed there to keep folks safe...ayyyeeee!!! For crying out loud, pay attention people!
I know...cranky lady post...but heck...somebody's gotta say it.

Down the road a bit, here at this old farm... we are now the proud owners of a 20 acre lake, my sweet husband promised me years ago that someday we could live on the waterfront, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind.


Jerrie said...

Love it. I was just emailing a friend about this very thing earlier...I was behind someone this morning who was trying to make a left turn down a road that had a barricade...Made me want to get out of my car and scream!

Seriously...just take another a little late. Better than being stuck!!!

Makes me crazy. Thanks for the post!

Jodi said...

BUt But But! If you are on the road with said water in front of you and you can't stop because there is cars in front and back of you and you HAVE to get to starbucks for 2$ tea latte you have a good excuse?

Carletta said...

Until we moved back to WV a little over a year ago I had been away from flood water for a long time.
The rivers here are up. Just yesterday we happened to cross a bridge over a 'creek' that was flooded and flowing way faster than any I remembered. I took a pic but was thinking if I fell it would have been over. The power of nature should be noted wisely. :)
Looks like you canoe on that 'lake.'

quilly said...

Geeez. Get you your own lake and you're still not satisfied!

Many years ago my step-son came walking home from a winter fishing trip. His dad asked him where the truck was. Step-son responded, "The lake wasn't near as frozen as we thought it was." Luckily, he only drowned the front end and we pulled it out and dried it off.

Lori said...

I got some ocean front property in Arizona...

Dang, lets hope it stays out in the field!

Yeah, and I have to say I am with you about peoples ignorant driving skills.

Lisa said...

Oh no! That's definitely not the kind of lake you were so dreaming of, I'm sure.

Be careful what you wish for? ;)

Cote de Texas said...

I love this! too funny - a lake!!!

thanks for your sweet comment.

Leah said...

Are you possibly talking about one of your crazy aunt's?