Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Officially A Fuddy-Duddy

In my oh-so-square little world I've tried to play by "the rules" of fashion...most of them make a lot of sense to me, I grew to like and even embrace those rules...I was comfortable with those rules....but oh my gravy kiddos...all of those rules have been tossed out the window.

I am throwing in my "fashion don't" towel. Our new First Lady wore glitter for her first official daytime appearance....ayyyyeeeee! Oh dear oh dear oh dear, I'm sorry...call me old fashioned, call me Mrs. CrabbyPants. It is what it is...a really big glamour "don't".
I'm looking forward to "Change"...bear with me while I get used to all of it, this reaching across the aisle. I'm stuck in my ways, but I'll try hard to change with the best of them.
The lovely Mrs. Obama isn't the first person to give me cause to pause...this whole fashion shake-up has been going on for quite some time, but today was the final blow...the proof is in the Presidential pudding.
So....I'll change. What will I wear to embrace change?
For starters:
flip flops and a hoodie to a memorial ( toe frostbite will be a problem in winter)
strappy open toe high heels in the snow....(more frostbite, and of course a pedicure for any toes that survive that initial case of frostbite)
fuzzy wool in the summer....(followed by a nasty rash when I have a hot-flash)
intenionally visible bra straps (guilty...but it wasn't intentional!)
crisp white cotton pants in December (never wear white on my lower half...therapy to follow for all)
corduroy in August (more hot-flash issues on the horizon)
diamonds (blingggg) for daytime (note to self *save up for diamonds)
a white dress to a wedding that isn't my own (all three of my sisters-in-laws wore white to my wedding...who knew they were trend-setters?)
a splashy print frock to a funeral (oh dear, I'm visibly squirming)
white shoes from Labor Day to Memorial weekend (they will be orthopedic, it just makes sense)
lots and lots of cleavage, daytime cleavage, night time cleavage, all the time cleavage...if ya got 'em flaunt 'em! (even if said cleavage is that of a wrinkly fifty year old chubby girl who got too much sun in the 70's)
There will be a period of adjustment so please bear with me. If you happen to spot me wearing dark jeans or slacks, a conservative sweater, a jacket that covers my rather ample rear end and sensible shoes...please bear in mind that it will take some time for me to assemble the appropriate attire for all of these new changes.


bobbie said...

You really gave me a chuckle. I happened to be talking to Lisa, The Villas Girl. She did NOT like Michele's dress. Nor Sasha's outfit. I did. though I could have done without the sparkles.

pink dogwood said...

I wouldn't ever wear it, but somehow it looked good on her - even in daytime :)

tami said...

It was just too cocktail hourish or something.
She is a very beautiful First Lady, so I hope she gets fashion advice soon.
Pretty ensemble just not for daytime.

theSNAPsisters said...

I just did not think it was flattering from some angles.
If you are in the limelight -use a three sided mirror for heavens sake! LOL i thought your post was funny.

Jerrie said...

Oh funny. It's only clothes. I happened to like it...tired of dark, conservative...just me maybe. I tend not to look at/notice those things. I mean if she gave us a shot of her undies or lack of I would cringe, but a little yellow dress w/ a little bling? Nah. :)

I am sure most of my wardrobe is a fashion don't...I am wearing white to my grandma's funeral tomorrow (w/ black, but white none-the-less). And my fave summer capris are white. :)

Ah fashion, not my thing! hehe!

Happy Inauguration Day!

quilly said...

This explains why I see girls in cocktail dresses at all hours of the day! It used to be -- I'm sure you recall -- that if someone was seen sporting a cocktail dress in the a.m., it was as good as a confession that she'd not gone home (at least to her own home) the previous evening.

And do keep in mind I saw the velvet strapless ball gown in broad daylight worn over a white sweatshirt. That is definitely part of a different world than the one I grew up in!

Carletta said...

I'm with you Shelly!
It looked great - just could have done without the sparkles.
Did you see the ballgown? I also thought it was unflattering. Everyone has talked about her tall figure but she covered it up in a big flowing - white- gown.

Rositta said...

I thought the jewels were a bit much too but also, no stockings...ciao

Cathy said...

No stockings. LOL, Rositta, how on earth could you tell if she was wearing stockings or not. I am laughing so hard I can hardly type. Maybe it is the lights on my pc but when I clicked back to this post to check out her legs to see if I could tell about stockings, I swear (on my pc atleast) she has one white and one dark leg. How is this possible?

Also, I thought she looked lovely in this outfit. A little Bling is ok with me. Sure as heck beat what I was wearing yesterday.

Lori said...

I didnt really know about that sparkle thing but lately all the clothes in the store, even for kids have sparkles so maybe thats why she "got away with it". I did know about the white rule.

She could have worn anything really, I just like her. And Obama, well, I liked him the moment I watched him on Oprah. I was a goner! I remember you talking about your neice being excited to see him speak. I thought that was pretty cool.

Rositta said...

Cathy, I read it in the paper, about her dislike of stockings and that she didn't wear any. Maybe the photo is airbrushed? I find her beautiful and her outfit, the color suited her. I'm old fashioned too I guess, I follow some of those fashion rules...ciao