Monday, January 14, 2008

Alfred Hitchcock moment

In my front yard...eeeeeks.
When I was a kid my brother and I would watch "The Birds" every time it was on TV. It was creepy and scary but we watched it anyway. I looked out my window today and my front lawn was full of was like a swarm of bees....but it was birds. Reminded me of my fascination with Tippi Hendren so many (many!) years ago.


Jerrie said...

Man, that IS a lot of birds. That would probably freak me out.

tami said...

Ok- You were one of those kids that watched that movie and talked about it on the playground! Even that freaked me out :(

Jodi said...

Hey -those birds look like the ones who land on my yard! They make little holes and the golf course has guns that go off to make them fly away. The little holes damage the putting greens.....that is my theory!