Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Shrimp Appies

Sunday was our final holiday party. The last hurrah! We gathered with extended family on my moms side, fun cousins and their adorable little kids.
By the end of the holiday spree I'm starting to fizzle a bit in the kitchen. The tradition with this gang is a huge spread of appetizers and desserts ... if you saw the food table you would understand why there is no need for a main course.
I made Asparagus Rolls, Spiced Shrimp and these little Shrimp One Bites. The Shrimp One Bites are a variation of something my friend Karen makes. Karen makes them with filo cups and plum sauce. I made a quick run to the grocery store Saturday afternoon and they didn't have the filo cups....drat!. Hmmm, what to do? Puff pastry? Too much poof. Make my own filo cups? I'm fizzzlinggggg, not today. So, off to the refrigerated case I went and grabbed some ready-made pie crust from that giggling little dough boy.
Saturday evening I cut little circles out of the ready-made pie dough and baked them in my mini-muffin tins. What I ended up with were nifty little pie crust cups which I popped in the fridge. Sunday I filled the cups with Philly cream cheese with onion and chives, topped that with a chilled shrimp and then a dollop of cocktail sauce.
There is always a LOT of food at this party, and lots of leftovers. My trays? Empty! I love it when that happens. Thanks for the inspiration Karen :-)

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tami said...

Looks good, absolutely nothing wrong with a little cheater help. We all know you can make a pie crust so why prove yourself over and over?