Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cheater, cheater cooking post

I'm sorry...I was going to do one of those cooking posts where the blogger lady (me) takes you step by step through one of her favorite recipes. I was going to make
Chicken and Apples in Cider and Cream, I even bought the groceries for it. Yesterday mom called early in the afternoon and asked if I had plans for dinner. I told her that I knew what I was going to make but hadn't started it yet. She had made a whole bunch of Chicken Kievs and wanted to know if I wanted to stop by and pick a couple of them up so that The Husband and I could have them for dinner. That was pretty much a no brainer for me.

We love Chicken Kiev, but it's only for special occasions. In the fall of 1975 Mrs. R, my home ec teacher had the class make a White House dinner. I went home and got busy in the kitchen duplicating that White House dinner for my parents and siblings, it was a huge hit. We all decided that we would like to have the same White House dinner for our Christmas dinner that year, we've been having Chicken Kiev for Christmas dinner ever since. The last few years my sister and I have been going over to moms on Christmas Eve morning to help prepare the Kievs. Okay...I'll confess, my sister and mom do all the work and I show up late, I drink coffee and visit with them while they do all the work. It's tradition!

So here's how I made Chicken Kiev yesterday.

The Husband and I went to town, he dropped me off at moms and I visited with her for a bit while The Husband ran a few errands. The Husband came back to pick me up a short time later, we left her house with two Kievs and a stick of Imperial margarine (eeks...that was hard for me to type)...this house is a "margarine fee" zone. We were dairy farmers for twenty-plus years so m@#*@#*#@* is a dirty dirty word. When I got home I threw some m in a pan, got it all hot, dropped in the Kievs and browned them 'til they were all pretty and golden. I put them in a baking dish and they went into the oven for 12 minutes at 375.

And here you go...TA DAAAA. I don't know why we don't have Chicken Kiev more often...it's just so easy to make.


tami said...

Here I thought I was the queen of cheater cooking, but stopping by Nelia's house and picking them up...now that is cheating!
It looks really good too.

Big Heap said...

Surprize Nelia, buy a 24 pack of Chicken Kiev at Costco and invite her over.

Is there still a Home Ec. class in high school?

Jerrie said...

You should totally make them more often...I mean it is kinda hard having to go pick them up AND cook them...Geez! :)

Look yummy!

Jodi said...


Shelly said...

Tam - I told her you're coming over..she laughed.
Heap - She thought that was funy too!
Jer - I'm spoiled by my mama, but she says I deserve it ;D
Jod - Allll gone.