Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yet Another Zig Zag Fan

I've been reading rave reviews about Zig Zag Lounge in Seattle, I decided I just had to give it a try. If you google Zig Zag, Murray the bartender is the star of every review.
Last night I coerced a few of my Seattle gal pals to go with me for a pre-party cocktail at this oh-so-popular watering hole.
The drive to the city was a drag, seems to be the way things go for me these days. Rainy, windy, high traffic volume and the dreaded amber sign that read "accident ahead...expect long delays" grrrrrr. I took a detour but I think that was just as nasty, a lot of people seemed to have the same idea. I had allowed for extra time considering I was heading to the city on a Friday afternoon, I arrived safe and sound...just a little traffic-frazzled. We hopped into a cab and headed into the city...and whoooopppss....we were early. Zig Zag doesn't open til 5 and we were there 15 minutes too early. We managed to waste that time at a nearby trendy furniture store and got right back to our destination shortly after the doors opened.
We grabbed three seats at the bar and to my delight I saw Murray behind the bar. Yayyy! Just as all of his press attests to, Murray is a delight. He's so much fun to watch, to observe his mixology skills is like watching poetry in motion. The man is a master. But Muray isn't just about mixology, he's a people person. I wasn't there for long before I noticed that every cocktail that Murray makes is also a game of mix and match....the man mixes to match each person at his bar. A little chatting about what you like, don't like..such fun. All with a smile, a little geography, a bit of history....what a treat.
If this sounds like something you'd like to try, get there at 5. The seats at the bar fill up in minutes and watching Murray at work is worth being on time.
I'll definitely go back, I hear the food at Zig Zag is pretty good too!


Bill said...

What no pictures?? you should take pictures each one saves you a thousand words!! It's all about the economy these days.

Shelly said...

Oh...I sooo wanted to take a photo of Murray in action but you know me...I'm kinda shy and didn't want to be obvious. hehe