Friday, January 4, 2008

whoopsie....thought I was done I said I was done with Christmas. Whoops. Onne mooore partyyyyy.
I've been celebrating Christmas with an "After Christmas" party with my Seattle gal pals for a few years now. We used to go to the Metropolitan Grill for dinner, when I quit my job and was spending much less time in the city we all decided it would be a nice change to meet in La Conner for a casual meal and some shopping. This year we're headed back to the's always a great time. One of my girlfriends has worked there for several years so it seems like we get the royal treatment. Loooove that!!!
We do a gift exchange and sometimes we've made our gifts, Diane knits and makes jewelry, Lynne is an artist and Susie is crafty but is also our go-to girl for teckie stuff. Below is a photo of some Limoncello I made this year. We've all been to Italy together and so I thought it would be nice to make something traditionally Italian. I made the labels with a Zig Painty pen, it was fun and easy. What a coincidence! We're meeting for pre-dinner martinis at Zig Zag Lounge.


Jerrie said...

hey. We didn't have a Christmas party. Maybe we could have one. That would extend your holiday festivities some...haha! :)

Have fun. The Limoncello looks good!

tami said...

yea, a bloggers' party...who wants to join us?