Sunday, January 27, 2008

Show's Over at Sundown!

Today at sundown hunting season
will officially be over, the ducks
and I are very happy. I'm so
happy I'm almost doing the
"happy dance". I don't know
what the ducks are doing, oh
yes I do...they're running,
well I guess not running...but
they're definitely hiding. It's
not that I don't like hunters..
hunt all you want, I just don't
want to watch. I don't like to
hear your guns at the (barely)
crack of dawn.
The first photo here is the field I see
when I look out my front window,
I'm looking east. This was a corn
field, ducks love corn fields...I love
ducks. I love it when they fly over
me when I'm working outside in
the fall, quacking away. I love to watch
them when they fly in formation....
that is just so dang cool....oh wait...
it's geese that fly in formaiton.
I like geese a lot too. Just so ya know.
I love looking at these mountains in
the distance almost as much as I like
the aforementioned birds...maybe more.
The next photo here is "out back". This
would be looking to the west. This is our
field, the renter planted it in corn...ducks
love corn fields...did I happen to mention

how much I love ducks? They have the
most beautiful coloring, well...the boys do,
the girls are kind of plain...but it's a pretty
kind of plain. That is our old hay wagon in
the picture. I thought it would make the
photo of the corn field look so much cooler,
it does...doncha think? It gives it some

interest, some much better
than just looking at a muddy snowy corn
This last photo is of a duck hiding in my
front yard at the edge of the stream ...okay,
most folks call it a ditch...but it has some
really big fish in it to be called a lowly ditch.

Hide Mr. Duck! It's only a few
more hours until sundown!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view you have out your front window! I have a view of my neighbor's house. Yippee. Oh and his boat parked on the street. Even better. :-)

Say "hi" to the ducks for me.

GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Blog. I'll be visiting often.

Your old childhood gal pal, Marlae

Jerrie said...

Yay for the ducks and for you. My brother goes duck hunting, but he is really bad. He won't get up early, doesn't like the cold, and doesn't particularly want to kill a duck. I don't know why he goes! :)

Love the pics. Bet it is beautiful (even more so) in the spring/summer w/ some actual corn...

Big Heap said...

Sizzling Duck Fajita

2 Portions

Preperation Time: 30 minutes

300g Silver Hill Pre-Cooked Boneless Chinese Roast Duck
Olive oil (just a splash)
Half a Red Pepper (sliced)
Half a Green Pepper (sliced)
Half a Yellow Pepper (sliced)
1 Small Red Onion (sliced)
1 Clove of Garlic (crushed)
1 Level Teaspoon Fajita Seasoning

Sour Cream
Flour Tortillas


Cut the duck into even sized pieces
Heat a large wok or frying pan with the olive oil
Fry the garlic until golden brown ‘then add the duck’
When the duck is heated through add the onions, peppers and the fajita spice
Gently toss in the pan until all ingredients are hot and coated in the spices
Remove from the pan and place in a warmed serving dish
Warm the tortillas and serve with the accompaniments

Shelly said...

Hey Big Heap,
Thanks for the recipe. I was going to make Pioneer Womans Quesadillas this week, but now I'm going to make your Fajitas instead...and I'm gonna make 'em with duck...yesireee I am. Know why? Cuz you were nice enough to send me the recipe in my comment column and as much as I love love love Pioneer Woman....I think she is just too plain busy and popular to ever leave me a comment. I still really like her and will read every single thing she posts, cuz she's stinkin' good at this blog stuff.

Jodi said...

We hear the duck hunters also.
Eddie does not like the gun shots....he hides in the kitchen and shakes.
I will tell Ed that it is all over now.
We found a duck in a ice storm one time. He was out of it so we warmed him up in the kitchen sink and fed him oatmeal. The kids still talk about that.
We named him dilbert.

Shelly said...

M - Thanks for the visit! And the kind words. Loved your photos.
J - I like the way your brother hunts. :D
H - Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely try it.
J - Poor Eddie!