Thursday, January 24, 2008


Is this cool or what. It was my girlfriend Deb's birthday a little while back and this number (ok..these two numbers...the cake and the girl) were the stars of the show. It was so much fun to watch the guests at the party hover around this cake when the waitstaff brought it out from the kitchen.
I talked to Deb yesterday and she asked me if I got a photo of the cake. Wahoooo...I did!
She said the caterer had asked if anybody had a photo of the cake because he didn't snap one. Launching this cake into blog-land is the least I can do.
This cake was gooooood. I mean eyeball rollin' goooood. Not only did it look soooo cool with the chocolate daggers stuck to the sides - which I had never seen before, it was a delightfully moist cake with hints of spice and then a very subtle liqueur overtone. We had a little guessing game while we were cake tasting, guessing the spices, guessing which liqueur...I love playing the tasting-guessing game...I love cake...and oh yeah....I love birthdays.
Hey..cake birthday is in busy?


Anonymous said...
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tami said...

Leverage! Trade the caterer the picture for the recipe!

Jerrie said...

Looks (and sounds) yummy! You should totally get the recipe and make it...for me...and Tami (although according to her blog she is eating less, so MORE for me! haha).

On a different note: On the sidebar of my blog there are 2 links - Think Exist and Inspiration Peak - that are great for quotes. I also have a few quote books and one I made to collect quotes from magazines and such in! :)