Monday, January 28, 2008

Girls and Dirt

My friend Diane gave me this cute little notebook, it was in with a whole collection of "dirty girls" products like shampoo and soaps. I carry this notebook in my purse and it's great because it has a little elastic strap that holds it closed, it's perfect. We laughed when she gave it to me, the whole "dirty girl" thing for me is really just about dirt...I live on a farm, things get dirty here.
Diane lives in the big city, she drives a cute little convertible, she works downtown and one day a week she's on the radio with her own show - it's all about jazz - Diane loves jazz.

Here on the farm, well...these girls are dirty. Take a look at the gal on the right, she is in desperate need of some of that "dirty girl" shampoo...perhaps a nice deep conditioner on those bangs. Little Missy on the left, well...she needs a good facial...girlfriend got a little carried away eating her can see she's got her chopped corn appetizer on her nose, messy eater!
And these knees! Girls, girls, girls. It's going to take a good soaking and a whole bar of that "dirty girl" soap to get these gals ready to go anywhere.


Jerrie said...

Oh you 'dirty girl' you are funny. I wonder if that shampoo comes in super-cow size containers...You would have the trendiest cows around!

tami said...

Max can help clean those girls up. He even has some show tricks if you're interested.
peqbfdxm Sometimes my comments don't show b/c I forget the word verification...

Shelly said...

J - Trying my best to amuse you darlin'.
T - My days of bleaching cows tails are sooo over, tell Max thanks anyway.