Saturday, January 19, 2008

Just visiting...

This guy to the right here was hanging
out in the tree in the front yard today.
He did a fly-by through the back yard,
that was pretty cool...the odds of catching
that with my camera!

But this "little" guy, he sits nice...plays nice. He's
also visiting, he's from the Alternative
Humane Society. Sometimes he's a little
shy with new people...but not always! Mom
came over today and he was verrryyy
pleased to meet her, it was love at first sight.
My sister was here too, he was a bit reserved
with her at first, but in no time at all he was
snuggled up at her feet. He looks a whole lot
like our dearly departed Tippy, he's very
sweet just like Tippy was.


tami said...

He is cute and Max wonders if he has a name?

Shelly said...

His name is Kita. The ladies from the shelter encouraged me to change his name - guess they didn't like it. I think it's an okay name....and it could be short for Makita...we all know how much I love power tools!
He's a year old and he's pretty big, Roz says he's gonna be huuuuuge.

Jerrie said...

So, is he just visiting or will he be a long time guest? He is awfully cute. Love those puppy eyes.

Jodi said...

That is cool that you might be adopting him!
Have you seen that commercial for pedigree dog food-with the dog in the kennel waiting to be adopted? It is gut wrenching.