Saturday, January 26, 2008

Crazy?...Why yes...I am!

It all started innocently enough. We decided to turn the calf barn into a craft barn. It's not a huge building, I think it measures something in the neighborhood of 24 feet by 24 feet. The walls are around twelve feet in height, above that.... open rafters.

Once we finished dismantling the calf pens and everything had been pressure washed, we put some plywood on the exposed walls, Papa Jack put in some cool old windows and I painted the walls in colors I wouldn't dare to use in the house. The ceiling and the rafters were still gross, thirty years of calves and dust and flies and spiders and a few other critters I don't really like to think about had taken a toll. Up the ladder I went with a bucket of soapy bleach water and a scrubby sponge, then....a brainstorm...I decided to paint clouds on the ceiling and in the peak of the end walls. I'd never really done any kind of artsy painting before, but one afternoon I went up the ladder with some leftover paints and did I ever have fun! I was out there all by myself giggling 'cuz I was so happy with the outcome. Well...about four years have passed since that giggly afternoon, sad to say this project has been in a holding pattern since then. Every once in a while I climb the ladder with a bucket of soapy bleach water and do a bit more scrubbing, then climb back up with a bucket of primer but hokey pokeys Bertha...this is gonna take forrrr-everrrrrr at the rate I'm going.

It's a really fun room, there is a wood stove and a big desk, a few big work tables. There is a really funky old yellow velvet couch and matching chairs circa 1973. I use the big work tables out there to make my flower arrangements from all of the flowers growing in my yard, I can be as messy as I want! We always have a pumpkin carving party out there with some friends and their kids, and this year I had a wreath making party the day after Thanksgiving with some lovely ladies...that was so much fun. But... wouldn't it be cool if the whole ceiling was painted with clouds? Perhaps I should set a goal for a completion date...perhaps September...yeah...September....of 2012...that sounds reasonable.

There are approximately 439 more projects around the farm just like this one. I am never ever bored. All I have to do is turn my head ten degrees and I can find something new to do. Isn't that just lovely? Ayyyeeee....what was I thinking?

I think we should move to a condo.


tami said...

Those who party in the party barn do not care that it isn't finished. We're okay with it. So just relax and enjoy the journey. Remember, you're an artist!

Jerrie said...

Wow! Your compound sounds so wonderful, what with a party barn and all! I can tell you just wouldn't be happy in a condo...Not enough space...not enough projects...and condos don't have huge freezers for all your food!