Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ready, Set, Cook

I tend to cook like I used to drive. I used to drive very fast and then come to a screeching halt. I no longer drive this way because the cost of replacing brake pads on my car was starting to become embarrassing. I still like to cook like a maniac and then screech to a halt, put the pans away and move on to something else, or just park my lazy butt on the couch with my lap-top..hehe.
Around the farm this wild (hey...I'm creeping towards 50...that's as wild as it gets these days) kitchen activity is known as a cook-a-rama. "The Husband" is totally cool with this type of meal set-up. There are some guys out there that want a meal fresh off the stove every evening, I'm so very glad I'm not married to one of those dudes.
I've been known to spend four days straight in the kitchen. We have a large collection of plastic containers, the fruits of my labor go into the containers, the containers get labeled to identify the contents and the date...and TAAA DAAAAA....meals for days, or weeks...depends on the cook-a-rama. The cook-a-rama record so far is 64 days worth of meals....waaaahoooo.
Nothing makes me happier than going out to the freezer and seeing the door full of these containers. Yippieeeee!
This little collection in the photo is a beef-a-rama...I think this weekend feels like a chicken-a-rama, or maybe a soup-a-rama.

Time to cruise the cookbooks, sharpen the knives and get out the crockpot.


tami said...

Do you keep your freezer locked? Just wondering.
And yes, taco soup freezes well.

Jerrie said...

Now I know where to go when my guys want an actual meal...Hey Tami, let's go shopping in Shelly's freezer!

I think it is very cool you do that since I barely know what I am going to have ten minutes prior to eating.

Big Heap said...

If these little packages of dinner were available at Costco I could fire the cook.
(Didn't Clarence Birdeye start out like this?)