Friday, February 8, 2008

Amazing Kids

I don't have children so I tend to pay a lot of attention to the offspring of my friends and family. I know so many cool kids right now it's sometimes overwhelming. I know their parents worry and struggle and are sometimes disappointed in their behavior. I mostly just see the good, they give me hugs, they're always polite when I tease them or joke with them... they're cool kids but it's also because their parents raised 'em respect their elders.
I just got a text message from my niece. She's in the big city going to University, we've always been proud of her. Her text gave me the warm fuzzies like you wouldn't believe. It said "I'm 15th in line at the arena to see Obama, I'm so excited".
I LOVE that.
I love it that she's excited to be where she is.
I love it that she got up at O-dark-thirty to go see him...this kid is NOT a morning person.
I love it that she sent me a text message to share her excitement with her middle-aged auntie.
I love it that she is actively participating in the political process.
I love it that when we talk about politics and issues she's open and honest, she's not stuck.
Yup, I'm one happy auntie.


tami said...

Impressive and much more constructive than your neighbors. Kids care and do something about it. Love it. Sam registered to vote on his 18th Bday last month. He couldn't wait.

Jerrie said...

Very cool. Archer has many adult friends (either surrogate grandparents even though he already has a few sets or just friends w/out kids) that sometimes get the best of him! You are lucky! It is a lot of fun to joke and talk to kids that aren't your own (even if you have some)...they need adults who appreciate them that aren't their parents.

I think those adults are a part of why kids turn out so well!

Good for your niece, being a part of the democratic process! Way to go!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That gives me chill bumps! I am excited right with you ~ my son wasn't able to vote and called to find out who I was voting for. He said if I'd said Hillary he was getting in that car to start driving.
I love that they have someone they can be excited about! (wish I could get as excited~ but that is another story)

kenju said...

And she's a lucky niece! Thanks for the visit, Shelly!

Lori said...

Hi Shelly,

I am pretty excited about Obama too. Its nice to hear that young people are excited about the political process. Poeple fought hard for our right to vote. You go girl, to your niece. And you for being a supportive Aunt!

Great job on the bar. You are very resourceful!