Monday, February 25, 2008

Who's the Village?

Yesterday I read a really good post written by Diane, I loved the title of her post.

"Everyday Kindness: I am the Village"

While I read her post a lot of thoughts ran through my head. I thought about how thankful I am that I grew up in a community where people really cared about each other. Sure, there were naughty kids that everybody got tired of...but there were also a lot of second and third chances granted. I thought about the last few weeks, and the rescue dogs that have come to visit, and then gone on to other caring homes. I've been joking for weeks that "it takes a village to raise a puppy".
Last night my "village" theory was put to the test, again. We had gone to bed late, it was midnight, The Husband was barely asleep and I was reading but ready to turn off the light. I heard a womans voice, mind you....we live in a place where you don't hear voices from neighbors. I heard her say "yeah, there is a light on upstairs". Then I heard pounding on my front door and the puppy downstairs barking and growling for all she was worth. I went down and put a leash on my little guardian, she's only been here three days and I didn't know how she would treat unknown strangers standing at the door at midnight. I opened the door to a young couple and the first thing that hit me was a blast of alcohol. The young lady looked okay, she had the look of somebody who's been partying for several hours. The young man looked scary. He had long scraggly hair, gangster jeans hanging off his skinny frame, a backwards ball cap...I was immediately wary. They had a flat tire and their jack didn't work, they wanted to know if we had a jack they could borrow. I said "honey???" The Husband grabbed a coat and went to the tool shed to get a jack . I held the dog back and acted like she might bite them, while puppy licked their fingers. I didn't have a chance to tell my hubby of my concerns for his safety, nice guy that he is. Before I could express my concerns to him he was walking down the driveway with the young couple, jack in hand...into the darkness and down the road. I was a wreck. I sat in the dining room, in the dark...alone and worried. My husband was on a dark country road helping a stranger change a flat tire. I've watched too many scary movies, and I have a very active imagination. While I was proud that my husband was helping a stranger, I was also thinking about all of the dreadful things that could happen. I won't tell you about my rediculous thought process, but I did think about my martial arts training so many moons ago. If they were thugs and they konked my husband on the head and came back to the house to rob us blind (hey...that $200.00 TV and $99.00 CD player? worth at least 20 bucks in a pawn shop!)...should I hit them with a lamp or should I summon my karate skills and chop-chop my way to safety, or maybe I should just hide in the attic with my cel phone whispering to the 911 operator.
Cut to end of story.
The Husband came back to the house safe and sound. While he was washing his hands, grinning... he told me that they were just the nicest kids, although he said he could cop a buzz from the booze fumes. He was smiling and feeling all happy about doing a good deed. He told me that the young man was profusely thanking him for helping out, asking what he could do to repay him. The Husband just told them that the next time they see someone alongside the road who needs help he'd like them to stop and repay the favor, pay it forward.
He's such a nice guy that way. While his wife stays in the house and cowers in the dark, praying for his safe return.
So, husband has the whole "Village" thing down...I guess I need to work on it some more. I have thought about the fact that they smelled of booze, should they have been driving? They didn't appear to be drunk but ayyyee....what if their driving was impaired and we were the ones to put them on the road again. This whole village thing can get complicated.


Jerrie said...

Oh I hear you. My husband would be the one to go and help and I would be absolutely freaking out in the house...waiting...then I would probably get mad at him (just for a moment) for helping! are doing great with your links! Way to go blogger girl!

Dianne said...

thank you so much for your kind words about my post and for the "linky love" as a friend calls it.

I was getting so nervous reading the story! I'm from NYC, you have no idea where our minds can go. I also laughed about the puppy licking their fingers.

My son worries about me a lot! always telling me I'm going to stop for the wrong person, open the door too quickly, whatever.

My spider senses are pretty good - I lived in a rough neighborhood for years and worked nights in an even rougher one.

I have passed people up on the road but have always called it in. If my senses are up I do what will be safest for all.

But you're so right - this village thing gets very complicated. But what wonderful things to think about.

Man - I'm long winded! Hugs to your husband and the "guard dog" ;)

Anonymous said...

If Vern had a AAA franchise he could pick-up a couple of bucks from helping distressed motorists. It's a long way to the next gas station.

Evil capitalist thought - not in keeping with the "it takes a village" person's philosophy.

Diane Mandy said...

Your husband sounds like a great guy, really. But I would have been fretting every moment he was gone. What a lovely story. It's nice to know people like your husband are still 'out there."

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Shelly! What a wonderful husband you have. My dad would have done the same thing. Good men. Unfortunately we live in a society where we stereo type and judge the book by its cover. If only we, as a society, could get pass that and get to know people for who they are, not the appearance, the world would be a better place. I had to laugh about the puppy. The attack of the killer licking puppy. Thank you for this post, I truly enjoyed.
By the way, is puppy yours now? Lisa

kenju said...

What a nice story. I am glad it turned out well, as it could easily not have.

Thanks for the visit. I have a small sample of Benjamin Moore paint to try out. It is downstairs and I am too lazy to walk down and see the number, but it is a light sage green.

tami said...

My hubby would do the same and I would be a reck in the house...can't help it.
PS-Where is Big Heap these days? I miss his insight. ;)

Shelly said...

Jerrie - Linkin' away!

Dianne - I remember that spidey sense blog of yours :)

Anon - Oh...he won't even think that AAA sideline is funny, he already has three jobs.

Diane M - I gotta admit, he's a pretty nice guy.

Lisa - puppy is ours!

Kenju - I wanna be about nice stories, want to walk on the sunny side of the street. BTW...I can't wait to see which color you choose, and the finished project of course!

Tam - yup, we married nice guys. Hey, I miss heap too, wonder if he got bored with my babble...ruh roh.