Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Flags, Frustration and Frowns

On my drive into town today this is what I saw, I gasped. This is my closest neighbor, and the flag is upside-freakin'-down!!!!
My insides went upside down too, I am always distressed when I see someone disrespect the flag intentionally. This happens to be the second offense in 48 hours, the other one was someone using a very large American Flag as a window covering...it was in a creepy neighborhood on a house with a lot of dead cars so I let it pass.
My understanding is that when a citizen flies their flag with the union down it is a signal of dire distress, there is extreme danger to life or property. It has also recently been a sign of distress over the porous state of our border policy.
But my neighbors? This lovely retired couple? I really like them, they've been here for at least twenty years. They're intelligent, kind and caring. I'll never forget the day that she drove over in her Mercedes sedan, I was working in my yard. We were young farmers without a lot of extra money, if there was anything extra it went into farming...not flower gardens. She popped her trunk and it was full of plants, she said she had been watching me work for days and thought I needed some plants. She went out into her yard and split some of her perennials, put them in her trunk and drove them over. After we unloaded the plants she helped me decide where to put them, before she left she told me to come over to her house the next day, with the farm truck and a shovel because she had more plants for me...I'll never forget that day.
Why is it that this public display of displeasure with the state of our country distresses me so?
Perhaps I'm a bit envious of their bravery. It's one thing to worry about it, expressing your concern quietly among your friends. But holy smokes, to let it fly in the front yard? Yikes.
Yep, I say that's brave.


Jodi said...

I say one thing- We are so blessed to be Americans and people all to soon forget that-We are free to do as we wish. People have died so we can fly that flag.
That makes me sad that they disrespect all that it stands for. (but I guess it's nice she brought flowers)
God Bless America!

tami said...

I think I'd rather they were in distress than show that kind of disrespect to our flag and country. Living in a free country in a mansion, they should be ashamed. There are so many other more effective ways to disagree, like voting, lobbying, volunteering.
I hope that none of my friends who have children stationed in Iraq see their display. Or my friend who immigrated from Russia and went on to get a college degree after learning English. She would tell them how blessed they are. Or my family and friends who are veterens or those that immigrated here and escaped the holocaust.
Shame on them for the disrespect. Maybe they should move to a "better country".

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

That is one really weird thing to do?? Maybe they dont realise it's upside down??

Maybe you could drop a letter and mention that maybe they don't realise it but the flag is upside down.

I would give them the benefit of the doubt if at all possible?

Is it possible?

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

I'm an optimist.


Jerrie said...

I, too, would like to believe that it was a mistake, however it is such a big flag...hmmm...That is sad and distresses me as well. I hope this is a one time occurrence, if not a call may be in order (have Troy do it - he is good at stuff like that!).

bobbie said...

I can think of a number of possible reasons for the upsiddown flag - some purposeful, some mistakes. Considering what nice people they are, I think I would give the benefit of the doubt, and perhaps drop in and see if you could discover the reason.
It's even possible that it is just because they are old. I am old. I know that I frequently do things wrong these days, and either don't notice or am just too darned tired to correct them at the moment. Well, it's possible.

Shelly said...

*Jodi: So sad, and strange
*Tami: Holland perhaps?
*All things: I love optimists, I need more optimism.
*Jerrie: I finally got up the nerve to call, no answer.
*Bobbie: I do need to stop in, you're right...if it's political I don't know that I want to have that discussion. What to doooo.