Friday, February 1, 2008

Boxing the Hedges

I'll admit it, I can't keep up. I'm becoming the crazy old lady with the overgrown hedges. In my twenties I would have grabbed the hedge trimmer and knocked this monster back in a couple of hours, ShellyScissorhands...that was me. These days I look at this, heave a heavy sigh..and go find something else to do. I recently mentioned to a friend that I really needed to attack this mess with my Black and Decker, the response was not at all what I expected. She said to leave it the way it was because it covered up the ugly trim or not to trim...that is the question...what do you think?
p.s. moving to a condo is probably not an option.


Big Heap said...

Don't clip the shrubs. The new decorative trend is to string multi-color LED's (like Christmas lights), leave them in place and fire them up when ever you need a little change. They could be a signal that the party digs are welcoming guests.

Jerrie said...

I say don't clip - let your hedges go au natural! I think they would appreciate it, really!

Shelly said...

Heap - Good idea, either that or a party flag on a pole.
J - Wow, now every time I look out there I don't feel nearly as guilty about deferred maintenance...thanks guys!