Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cold, Rain, Wind, Yuck

It's really cold outside, and it's raining, and the wind almost ripped the barn door off its hinges. Out in the organic garden this weather vane is pointing south, the cow appears to be marching south. Right now I would like to go south, really far south, I don't care to march there...an airplane would suit me just fine.
A friend called from California this morning, she was drinking coffee outside on her patio in shorts and a T-shirt. She would like me to come for a visit, but right now I have to go outside in the wind and the rain to put something in front of the party barn door so that the wind doesn't rip it open again. I'll need to wear my boots because it's been raining so hard I noticed there is a small lake in the back yard.
I love living on a farm.


Jerrie said...

Is that your winter mantra? "I love living on a farm!" Do you repeat it over and over and over until somewhere, somehow you almost believe it?

I like 2 types of weather...Snowed in, can't go nowhere weather and 70 degress shorts and t-shirts hanging out in the yard weather...Nothing in between thank you very much!

Shelly said...

Jerrie: Sounds good, sign me up.