Friday, February 22, 2008

She's "The One"

We've been on a rescue mission. When our much loved dog Tippy got hit in the road and passed away, we decided to get another dog right away. Even though we were incredibly heartbroken, we knew we would get a shelter dog and the theory was ... a dog removed from a shelter and put into our loving home makes room for another dog in the shelter system.
The first dog we fostered was Kita, he was big and loveable and wild. When he came here he wasn't house trained, but he was easy for me to train...he had some "issues" as most shelter dogs do but he seemed to be fitting in around here. Then he discovered cows, he discovered that if he chased the cows it was more fun than any tennis ball or fetch game he had ever played. He had to go to another home where there weren't cows to chase.
Next! Kahlo....a cute young pit/boxer rescue dog. His story was pretty sad, he had been rescued very young, he was skinny and found in a crate with his sister. Not housebroken, and a lot harder for me to train. He loved hanging out with me although he was incredibly nervous, he liked spending time with me and The Husband, but when I wasn't around and he was alone with The Husband the poor little puppy was a wreck. Poor Kahlo has serious "man issues". We're guessing that a man in his past was abusive to him and it's going to take a skilled trainer to help him get over it, neither of us feels like we have the right skills to help him find his way. Yesterday I took him to stay with some wonderful people, they have two very well trained dogs for Kahlo to play with. I think that they can help him get over his fears so he can grow up to be a nice guy. When I left their home yesterday I was positively giddy, it's the most wonderful place for him...better than I could have imagined.
Sometimes things happen for a reason. I learned so much from those two foster dogs, they even helped me work through my overwhelming sadness over losing Tippy. Last night we picked up this little girl pup. Of course she's a rescue dog too, but she's not from the shelter system. A friend of ours was taking his dogs for a walk last weekend and she ran out to join them. Our friend tried to find out where she no avail. He has been taking care of her but she's been a bit naughty and yesterday she ran into the road and got hit by a car...fortunately she wasn't hurt. Our friend called us because he couldn't care for her any longer...his neighbors are mad at him...his wife is mad at him....this naughty girl needs somebody who can teach her how to behave....and she needs pretty close supervision. Last night she slept in our kitchen in a crate like an angel, so far no "accidents" in the house. I've called all the local vet offices and the local shelters to see if anyone is looking for her. Today I'm taking her to be scanned to see if she has a microchip implant to locate her owners. She's been "lost" for almost a week, if her owners come forward... I hope they have a good excuse why it took so long to make work of finding her....because in a few more days I think that she will be mine.
We're probably going to name her Bergie ...that's the nickname of our friend who found her.
Happy endings and new beginnings for all of us.


theSNAPsisters said...

Third one's the CHARM! She is very pretty-I love her shinny black coat.

Dianne said...

she's a beauty. and you're such wonderful people for all you do.

I'm waiting for my second rescued cat to arrive, she should be here any day now.

Jerrie said...

Oh she is beautiful! What a wonderful match for you!

Have fun! :)

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Shelly! What a beauty. I love black labs. I think that they are the easiest and smartest dogs to train. I would love to get another, but I live alone and sometimes gone from home for long periods of time. I just think it is cruel to leave a dog inside alone without access to the outdoor to go potty.
I hope that no one claims her. I feel that she would be a good fit in your home. Keep us updated. Lisa

bobbie said...

A beautiful dog!
I used to have a black lab named Charley. Hope it works out for you and you live happily ever after.

pink dogwood said...

she is so adorable - I hope she stays with you where she will find a lot of love.

tami said...

cute! Looks like Hawley. I am not going to get too attached until you are really really sure she is yours.