Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Art Schmart

Last week when I was in Seattle I paid a little visit to one of my favorite garden stores. It's trendy and a bit swanky, lots of garden goo-gaws and the like. I love these concrete leaves, I've even made of few of them myself. It's really easy, just mix up some portland cement with sand and water, grab a rhubarb or hosta leaf ...arrange the upside-down leaf on a pile of sand so that it keeps its natural shape and start gooping on the mud. Let the concrete cure a few days in the shade, peel off the leaf and Ta Daaaaa...garden art! The one shown above is....wait for it.....$189.00...he he ha ha. Okay...this one is painted, maybe that's why it's worth so much more than I could ever imagine paying. I have all of these paint colors in my paint stash, I could go get mine out of the yard and paint it up for ya....

Or I could go find one of the hosta leaves that I made like the one above, I think it might be buried under a pile of winter leaves over in the shade garden.

This leaf below one of many that I've made...hey.... for 189 bucks I could goop some paint on it for ya...heck...I'd even deliver it! Art shmart, I've always thought these "stone leaves" are cool...but come onnnnn people....that's a lot of dough. Guess I've been livin' in the boonies too long to understand how anyone could pay that much money for some sand, portland and leftover paint.


Jerrie said...

The price of those leaves is crazy - I have seen them all over!

The thing is Archer has been making them (including rockin' paint jobs -metallic even) since he was 7! I have a nice collection, however most of them have stayed at Grandma's (he is cheap labor) or been given as gifts! If you ever want an experienced teen to help I am sure he would love it! :)

tami said...

That is a lot of dough! Frankly, I prefer the moss patina you have going. A little color and not too flashy. I still haven't made any but I think about it, so maybe this summer.

Diane Mandy said...

Good question!

Shelly said...

Jerrie - I would like to make some more..hmmm...leaf-n-pizza party?

Tam - Crazy huh? We've been talking about it...we should just do it!

Diane Mandy - I'm fullll of questions...lolol.