Thursday, February 7, 2008

She's Not So Cute

Actually, she bites.
I have a ladybutt...yeah..I said ladybutt! Problem! They're everywhere in my house, they've been here as long as I've been here, but lately they're out of control.
This little devil above is on my dining room wall. Last night there was one on my bed, there was a dead ladybug in the bed...arghhh! I'm "this close" to setting off a bug bomb. I'm a "live and let live" kinda girl but this is rediculous, these gals need to get their own house.

Ladybug ladybug fly away TO YOUR OWN HOME!

Last week there was one crawling up the sleve of my sweatshirt....on the inside! Today there was one on the inside of my sweatshirt crawling around on my back. When this happens I will often capture them and put them outside. I know that sounds odd but somewhere in the deep dark tunnels of my brain there is some sort of bad juju connected to killing ladybugs. But I'm starting to get cranky, below is the mess they make on the walls and windowsills. Hey..ladies....knock off the mess-makin', the farmer and I have dibs on messes.

This little beast was on the kitchen windowsill, I tell ya...they're everywhere. Anybody know the penalty for bombing ladybugs?

Oh, and if you want to argue with me on the biting thing. Don't. Years ago I argued with my friend Jody ( who hates ladybugs, she's actually scared of them ) about whether or not the little beasts bite. I made fun of her. Bad me. A few months later I was driving tractor and something bit me hard! I smacked where I got bit and what was it? A ladybug! She left a welt the size of a dime. As soon as I got back to the house I called Jody to tell her she was right about the little monsters. It was her turn to make fun of me.
Wanna argue? Go ahead....and get ready to get bit good and hard this summer.


big heap said...

Ma and Pa Kettle always let the chickens have the run of the house. Lady bugs became chicken feed and there were always little surprise eggs in unlikely places.

Jerrie said...

A few years ago we had a lady bug infestation...I don't know where they went but I hope they are gone for good. They kinda creeped me out. I bet they just like you a whole lot - you are hospitable I am sure! :)

Lisa said...

I've heard they can do great damage to the wood parts of a house. We had a swarm years ago and the boys used to see how many they could catch and flush. Since that swarm, they are still around but not so bad as they used to be. Our house has been sided since then, so it could be that they can't get in like they used to???

kenju said...

I have never been bitten by one and I've had quite a few around; not inside the house, but outside.

Shelly said...

*Heap: heeeere chicky chicky!
*Jerrie: Now I'm having wierd bug dreams, they gotta go.
*Lisa: Oh no, they're eating my house?
*Kenju: I wish they would stay outside, they're great for aphid control. I don't have aphids inside! I should tell