Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Do I Have To Choose?

When my friend started a blog last fall, she sent me an email to tell me about it. I would read her blog every day, sometimes I would check it more than once a day. While at a gathering at her home a mutual friend asked me if I was reading "the blog", I laughed while I admitted that I was often checking many times a day to see if she had posted anything new....this mutual friend admitted to doing the same thing.
My blogger friend encouraged me to start my own blog, she said I would have fun with it and it would be a great creative outlet for me. So, on a whim and with no real thought or planning I signed up for a blogger account and away I went.
Now that the blogger world is a little more familiar to me I am starting to wonder what the heck I'm doing here. I have read so many blogs that are written by so many talented people, many of these blogs have a singular focus. Some are all about cooking or decorating, there are blogs about poetry or politics, travel, pets, gardens, flowers, random thoughts, humor, sports...oh just goes on and on.
When a girl like me who has so many interests starts a she supposed to pick? I like to garden, cook, travel, decorate and pretend to be an artist. I like to ski and go on road trips. I love a construction project and have been know to ask for power tools for Christmas. I like luxury hotels as much as I love to go to a cabin with no power or running water. I love jeans with holes as much as I like to check out the pages of Vanity Fair and Vogue. Sometimes I crack jokes about this stuff and sometimes want I speak from the heart about stuff that makes me wonder about the human condition.
So, can I do that? Can I blog about anything and everything in random order? I don't know the rules of blog-land, am I breaking protocol or can I ping pong around from subject to subject?
If you pop in looking for a recipe that contains dairy products and you see a post on upside-down flags or my latest research on solar power..will that bug you? Cuz I'm not tryin' to bug ya.
That's just how I roll. That's sorta who I am.


Jerrie said...

Well darlin' Shelly - we love how you roll! :) You can do anything you want. (I feel like I'm talking to my sweet boy about his future here). My blog is a miss-mash of random crap!

Blog on my friend, blog on!

Big Heap said...

I haven't consciously read another blogger's stuff. We didn't have 'em back in the depression. I do enjoy yours but don't have time to read a bunch of them.

Keep up the good, interesting work.

tami said...

Who could pick just one area to blog about? It wouldn't work for girls like ourselves. Nope. I've thought too about choosing an area of expertise but no, there are just too many topics out there. So, go ahead and do what you will anyway!
Keep on writing!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I enjoy that you have a bit of this and a little of that~
Who wants a cookie cutter blog?

What's up with your neighbors? i think they need a dose of Star Spangled Banner at the crack of dawn!

bobbie said...

You're you, and I for one like you that way. I don't think there are any rules for blogging. At least, I hope not. I just got started, and have already hopped around from topic to topic. The thing that makes life worth living is diversity.

Lisa said...

i tried the whole keep it on one topice thing... guess how that worked out. have you read about butterflies lately? nope... that topic died last fall.
it's funny because your blog entry describes me to a 't'. it could have been my blog entry and it would have all been true.
at one point i thought i had to keep separate blogs for each topic, but that didn't work out either. i didn't end up blogging anything. too overwhelming...
SOOOO. my vote is no changes. :)

Shelly said...

*Jerrie: Thanks for the green light!
*Heap: Thanks!
*Tam: That's what V says, "you will anyway". he he
*Sandi: OH ho ho ho, now that's funny! I have some huuuuge speakers in the barn.
*Bobbie: Thanks! I'll keep pinging and ponging.

Shelly said...

*Lisa: Thanks for the vote! I'm prolly too old to change anyway.