Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Love Wrong

The weather folks said it was going to rain most of this week, and they were wrong. It has been absolutely beautiful all week long. I've been getting a lot done in the yard and it feels great to get a head start on all of the spring garden chores. These screamin' yellow zonkers at the base of one of my rose bushes tell the story. Sun! Wahooo!
Thursday evening the girls in my family took mom for a birthday dinner out at Birch Bay. The sunset view as I drove along the beach was absolutely stunning, I wasn't the only one who pulled over to snap a photo. Spazzy me didn't think to stop to snap a shot until I saw somebody else do it...duhhh. Guess I have more work to do on that new years resolution of "Focus", although...when I really think about it...sometimes I don't want to see my world through a lens, nothin' "wrong" with that.

Speaking of wrong. We were naughty. We ordered this molten chocolate cake for dessert after moms birthday dinner....oh.....myyyyyy. It was so good there are no words. least we dessert and four spoons.


Jerrie said...

Beautiful picture. And you weren't too naughty - you could have gotten your own cake! :)

Here's to another gorgeous week!

bobbie said...

Gorgeous crocus picture!

tami said...

I had that same dessert last night- oh my! Nice pics! And yes, don't always want to see the world through a lens, sometimes I just want to see it.

Shelly said...

Jerrie - I could go there and have salad and that dessert...oh yum.

Bobbie - Thanks! They fade so quickly it's great to catch them before they disappear.

Tam - We need to figure out how to make that dessert...crazy good.