Monday, February 18, 2008

Git-'er-done in the sun

Today was stunning, sunny and no wind...wahooo. I went outside this afternoon and took a good hard look at what the winter has done to my yard. In a word. Yikes.
What the heck, dig in girly. I threw down some drop cloths and got out the hedge trimmer.
Ta-Da! The best thing of all is clean-up is slick when I throw down these old sheets to catch the trimmings. The better than best thing is The Husband took it all away in a wheelbarrow.

One project down....check!

Did a little cruising around with the camera. I've never found a good home for these angels, I plunked them at the base of this tree and that's where they've been for a few years.

The light was really good today for close-ups. I'm learning how to use this little digital camera, kinda fun. I took a break from garden clean-up and had fun checking out what's comin' up.
The daylillys are always really eager, it looks like the slugs are pretty eager too...nibbling..grrr.

Love the contrast of the new rhubarb growth, red buds and bright green leaves.

This pretty little snowdrop looks great with a backdrop of euonymous...happy garden combo!

This little mustard leaf in the sun, so pretty. I'm not really sure of the variety, it was in a mixed greens seed packet and I let them go to seed once... now they come up all over the place in my raised beds. They're super-spicy which I don't care for but I like to see them in pretty little rows in the raised beds first thing in the spring....when everything is muddy and weathered these guys put on a good show.

The best part of the day was that I had a helper! The Husband came home from work early and got busy cleaning up some of the perennial beds...thanks honey!
This guy thought he was helping too...ya...right. He spent a fair amount of time running and jumping and sassing me, he did chomp on a few weeds and attempted to do a little digging out in the veggie garden....not really the kind of digging that I needed at the time.

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Jerrie said...

What a productive day! Way to go Farm Girl!

I think that sometimes art just finds a home - like your angels - maybe they are meant to be there - the angels of trees!

It really was lovely. I even went out for a bit (and I really don't DO that until it is much warmer and time to read outside!).

Happy almost Spring!