Saturday, February 2, 2008

Then vs Now

When I was in my teens I fully intended to eventually live in a house with a turret. Now that I'm all grown up I'm still intrigued by them but have let go of the turret fantasies. This breakfast nook in a turret looks charming...but I don't think it looks like the kind of cozy that I crave on a gloomy day like today. Charming? Yes. Cozy? Not so much. This photo is from a little home tour I went on with a realtor friend of mine.
What do you think?


Lori said...

Hey I figured it out... found your site. Beautiful pics. I cant wait until my computer is fixed so I can post some pics.

tami said...

Kinda looks cozy just not comfortable...make sense?

Jerrie said...

I think it looks lovely. I have always been fond of turrets as grandparents lived in Fairhaven, but not in one of the cool turret houses!

Shelly said...

Lori - Great! I'm stumbling through this myself...good luck.
Tam - That's what I thought too.
Jer - I wanted to live there when I was a teenager, still do..sorta.