Sunday, April 6, 2008

Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday Di!Today I met up with a couple of my gal pals to celebrate Di's birthday, we had a fabulous time.
Here is Diane with a bit of decor I gave her for the garden...every time I see it I want one ( or two or three ) for my own garden. I can see them hanging from the pear tree on a summer evening. I also gave her a little silver bracelet to add to her collection...our Di looooves her groovy silver jewelry.
We shared a creme brulee, not exactly on the diet... uhhh.. what diet? Hey man...we didn't even order it! The waiter heard me say "hey BIRTHDAY GIRL....if you want another drink I think you should order one." I love it when waiters eavesdrop.

As I was leaving the driveway to meet up with the girls today, a white swan flew in front of my car...I wondered to myself if there was some sort of mythology tied to white swans crossing your path. Well, as I rounded the corner on my way home late this afternoon this is what I saw. The end of the rainbow is right here at "This Old Farm".
I gotta run, I have to go out to the barn to look for a pot of gold.


bobbie said...

How exciting! Your farm at the end of the rainbow! That is really special! And a beautiful picture, too.

Lisa said...

that is exciting. Rainbows have always been and will remain a truly wonderful and hopeful sight to behold.