Thursday, April 10, 2008

Project Yellow.....Take Five

Project Yellow heads out to the Project Barn! It's a yellow-a-rama out there, it's where I can play. It's where we have the Pumpkin Carving Party and where we had the Christmas Wreath Making Party, hey man...any excuse for a party! It's where I arrange flowers, where I keep my garden seeds and make plant tags...where I stash my craft supplies. Vases for flower arranging on those ohhh-so-yellow shelves.

Crafting odds and ends

The seed stash.

Hey, farmgirls get thirsty when they're workin' hard.

Treasures collected over the years that seem to migrate
out to the project barn.

Silly little things that amuse me.

Quirky treasures that friends have given me over the years.
Can you imagine the garage sale we're gonna have when
we finally move off this place.....ayyyyeeeee.


Anna said...

They are all great but the cap is my favorite! Nice find there!

Robert said...

This is what I was tempted to do; lay out a bunch at once. It took everything within me not to. You found many a yellow object. I love the camera tilt on the little house figurine.

Carletta said...

Really a great collection of items!
I too loved the cap, but those little duckies are cute!

Cris said...
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Cris said...

What a nice idea to have a set of yellow pictures!

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Wow!! I can't find that much yellow around here. Seriously. LOL

I'm looking though.

Lisa said...

the pictures are sooo pretty. i can't find much yellow here either. i want to care and get out there to look, but head cold is fighting with my brain on that one.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered setting up a still in the Party Barn?

Lisa said...

maybe the party barn already has a still. ;)

maybe that's why it's called the party barn. ;)