Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just Pretend

This is a mossy branch on my evergreen tree out by the barn.

I'm pretending this is a photo of some really cool underwater plant. I'm pretending I took this today with my underwater camera, while I was snorkeling and free diving in tropical waters.

There are three couples in our little group we call The Foodies, today the other two couples left for Hawaii with their kids... The Husband and I are here in the northwest. I love it that they're off making memories with their families, they're not the kind of people that do this sort of thing all the time... this vacation is a really big deal.

Late this afternoon we had a couple of drop-in was sunny and warm. We sat outside and had refreshments. It was so pretty, I said "it feels like summer", and I thought to myself...I'm really glad I'm here, right here, right now.

Today I planted sweet peas and arugula, pulled a zillion weeds, transplanted a few raspberries and mulched them with some of my own compost which looks black and rich, I love making my own compost...mostly because I know what's in it, no chemicals!

Heck...I think I'm just happy for my friends in Hawaii...I want them to have the best vacation ever, and to come back home safe, with stories to tell me.

Tomorrow I want to plant more peas...sugar snaps, maybe some radishes, lettuce, spinach, carrots, beets. I love spring in the garden, the list of chores is sometimes overwhelming but it's like a blank slate....ohhh...the possibilities.

It's all good, I'm happy, right where I am.


Snugget said...

Obviously you have been in the NW for awhile, judging from the beautiful moss and the notion that you find it so. I just posted the Country Mayo recipe you requested. As Val can tell you, I don't do anything half-way. Here's the post:
Enjoy. I was thinking of posting my Pea Salad Supreme recipe, too.

Jerrie said...

Hi. I went to Seattle for a girl's day and I got you something. :) I told them it was for bloggin' farmer Shelly! I will have to get it to made me laugh.

I am glad that your friends are in Hawaii as well! Well deserved break for them...Lovely!

Jean Ann said...

Mmmm, sounds like a wonderful day! I did the same thing on Tuesday...felt good to get some warmth and sunshine again. Maybe we will have a summer this year after all...

Dianne said...

your underwater shot is perfect! :)