Sunday, April 6, 2008

Project Yellow...Take One

I love checking out Anna Carson's Photography blog, she's an amazing photographer. She has a little thing going this week called Project Yellow. I didn't know about Project Yellow until I came home this evening...and looky here what I took a photo of today! This photo was taken about an hour away from This Old Farm.

Right here, right now, let's talk about how I'm no pro photographer...but I've gone from hardly taking a shot to having a whole lot of fun with my inexpensive digital camera.

So, I figured what the heck...I can do the no-pro version of should be fun!
Bloggers note:
Ahem, these rows of daffodils are crooked...only the grandaughter of a potato farmer would notice such a thing, Grandpa was really fussy about straight crop rows.


Casdok said...

Great photo and what a coincidence!!

pink dogwood said...

These are your daffodils?????

Shelly said...

Ohh...they're not mine! How I wish they were ;)
The shot was taken about an hour away from our farm.

Autumn said...

Very pretty. I took the challenge too, so my photo is up

Lisa said...

You know, I've never seen a flower farm. Corn, hay, soy bean, etc... no flowers. I don't think I ever even thought of how pretty one would be. WOW. Now that would be worth driving to see regularly!