Saturday, April 12, 2008

Project Yellow....Take Seven

I had my level out today to work on a little project. Dad
used to refer to someone who was a bit quirky as being
"half an apple off plumb". I tend to gravitate toward
folks who are just a bit quirky, they often amuse me
far more than those who always "behave".
Sometimes I want to look past the bubble, often the
picture is really pretty.
Project Yellow has been so much fun for me, I had no
idea how much I would enjoy it.
Thanks to all who left such kind comments,
you bloggers are pretty amazing people.


Texas Travelers said...

Great dual focus shots. Very innovative. I like it a lot.

Mine is up. Come visit.

Anna said...

Very creative. I never would hve thought of a level and I use them lots! :)

NW Nature Nut said...

This was my favorite "yellow". It makes me want to go take photos thru the level too!

Jerrie said...

Very cool Miss Shelly! You are one creative gal! Love all your shots over the past 7 days...I love a challenge to make me look at things differently. Aren't you glad you bought that digital camera...and became a blogger? I know we are!

Jerrie said...

I really like the picture on your side bar too! :)

Carletta said...

I have enjoyed your Project Yellow posts tremendously!
Today's is a "level" above!

Lisa said...

I like having someone to remind me to look past the bubble. Sometimes I forget.

Lori said...

As a fellow quirker, I fully appreciate that comment.

Robert said...

Very cool use of depth of field. I'm glad you put both up.