Saturday, April 5, 2008

Plum Tuckered

This little missy is completely exhausted. We ( I ) worked outside most of the day and she "helped". She did a little pruning, she carried sticks you wouldn't think a puppy her size could ever carry and she had a big surprise when she tried to jump over one of the ponds and ended up in it...whooooppps! She was pretty stunned when The Husband pulled her out, hopefully she'll be a bit more careful next time. The highlight of the day was when our friend who originally rescued her came over with his dogs, they played, they chased, they fetched sticks and balls until the humans couldn't throw any more. She's a little miffed with me because she had to have a bath when we came in the house tonight, she was mud from head to toe.

She wasn't the only one who got filthy dirty today. I'm almost finished transplanting the raspberries! We put up new tie wires on the posts, I dug up the grasses that were trying to take over, worked a lot of compost into the new planting area and mulched the whole row with a lot of Smit Dairy Compost . I can't wait until July! Fresh raspberries and ice cream...yummmm.


Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Shelly! What a cute puppy. She looks happy and content. Raspberry ice cream sounds good. Have a good day. Lisa

Dianne said...

she's so pretty and she does look content. what a wonderful day she had.

Casdok said...

Im exhusted just reading this!!