Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SR 20 - Snow Doughnuts

SR 20 - Snow Doughnuts
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This morning I clicked on the DOT site to check out the progress on the Hwy snow removal...goodnes me, the diet reminders are everywhere. Check out the mini-avalanche snow doughnuts, powdered sugar anyone?
My own progress report: Two days in a row... cappuccino free, but two days in a row I have grabbed for the espresso machine on morning hazy auto-pilot., wheeewwww...caught that just in time. I'm doing the drip coffee, drink it black, drag. And no...don't even think of telling me how I should give it up...it's my only vice.


tami said...

Don't give it up! There are worse things and life is short-have the drink!

Shelly said...

Says the girl who has already lost how many pounds? I'm not gonna have the drinks you diet saboteur. Now it's all about the will power. ;)

Dianne said...

Oh - now I want a doughnut and a latte!

Oy Vey ;)

Lori said...

Hey coffee is a stimulant hence it helps you in your progress.

pink dogwood said...

French Cruellers have the least amount of calories (I think) - so split one with a friend if you are really craving it and get over it :)

I think red wine helps you lose weight :)

Lori said...

I know this is my second post but I wanted to say that even on Biggest Loser they are aloud one "cheat" per week. If for six days you eat great, then on the seventh. live a little, then you don't feel cheated. Why does that cheat word keep coming up.... hmmmm.