Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eagle Eyes Everywhere

It was chilly and rainy late this afternoon. I was in the house and I couldn't figure out why the cars that were going by kept slowing wayyy down as they passed the driveway...some of them were stopping in the road for a bit before they moved on. I went to the window to see if something was in the road and that was when I noticed there were several eagles in and under the trees out there. I grabbed my camera and shot some photos but the quality isn't very good. I'm posting them anyway because it's not every day that I can get five eagles in a least not in my front yard!
Fly-by over the roof of the house....woohooooo!!!!

I've marked on the photo where they are in the trees. Starting top left...I call him "Big #1"..original huh? then there is "Two"..."Three and Four" are sharing a branch at the bottom of the photo and "Five" is way over on the right. Hey...I have stuff to do tonight, I don't have time to think up real Eagle names.

A better look at "Big #1"...this guy was huuuuge...the branch was swaying from his weight.

Two & Three....they were arguing a little earlier, flapping wings and the like...I guess they settled their differences and figured out who could have the best spot on the branch, maybe it was sibling rivalry - they look alike...doncha think?

Here's "Five"....checking out the scene below.

Here she is checking out what's shakin' at the that flag upside-down again?


Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Shelly! OMG!!! I wish I was there. I went on an owl watch last night. It was windy and I expect to see some Bald Eagles. I wasn't disappointed. They weren't as close as yours. I'm so jealous. Have a good day. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Very cool -- maybe they will nest near by. Enjoy your blog, thanks for the great pictures.