Friday, March 7, 2008

June Brides

I was a June bride. Twenty eight years ago, right about this time of the year... I sat at this little table in my moms rec room and addressed the invitations to my wedding. This is exactly how the table looked then, and how it still looks today.

Last night a group of family and friends gathered at moms house, at the same table, to work on wedding invitations for my "niece" Malorie. Mal is the daughter of one of my oldest and dearest friends. Mal's mom and I grew up in the same neighborhood, where our moms still live to this day.
I'm 21 days older than Mals mom, we probably met when we were several weeks old and our moms met for coffee with their new babies. We started kindergarten together and graduated from high school together. We've traveled together, had a million laughs, shared our joys, been each others bridesmaids and supported one another through grief and sadness with the loss of loved ones, we're extended family....that's why I get to be Mal's "auntie".
Last night we gathered more extended family to make the wedding invitations, Mal's mom, her other aunties, Karen and Tami ( who joined us in the first grade... :D ) . The mother of the groom was there with her daughter, and of course my mom and me! It was so much fun.

My nephew and his girlfriend Melissa came downstairs to check out what was going on...before I knew it they were joining in on the fun. I love it that this football/basketball/playin' high school senior was willing to jump in with the "aunties" and goof off with paper crafts. He's one cool kid in my book. I love him.

"Real" men aren't afraid of little scissors and helping out their aunties with paper crafts.

This heart stamp gadget was a challenge and Melissa was a trooper...she's strong for a skinny girl! ;D

Jelly Belly favors, tied with a ribbon and heart tags...thanks Alex and Melissa!

A few months ago Mals mom, her friend Joan and I bottled wine for the wedding. Tami came
up with the cool idea for the wine labels...Wedding Day White and I Thee Wed Red...isn't that great? She's a super-crafter....very talented. She's the one who really got me going in blog-land.
Done! "Many hands make light work" as my mom always says...and when family and dear friends make up the work party it makes for a memorable evening. I loved being a part of it.


Lori said...

Very nice Shelly. What a good time. That is my idea of a great evening. I like that togetherness.

I have been wanting to have a tamale making party but no one seems to be into it. I need some local foodie friends!

tami said...

You didn't mention the most labor intensive part of the evening...the tasting of the punch! Fun times.

Shelly said...

Lori - keep trying...foodie friends are hard to find, once you find 'em spoil them rotten and don't let them go!
Tami - I didn't think it tasted too Vodka-ey...did you? ;D ...lightweights