Monday, March 17, 2008

Road Trips and Cool Bloggers

I have a little list of blogs I like to check out regularly. This morning I woke up really early (puppy was whining) and decided it wasn't worth going back to bed. Nothing was working to wake me up..not even a triple-espresso. Then I read this blog, her post this morning woke me a good way. I always love what she writes... it's frank, honest, witty, smart..and a teensy bit sarcastic which always works for me.
The best part is...she fired me up. Today I have to leave on a little road trip, I wasn't looking forward to it...14 +/- hours of driving through rain and maybe some snow. Something about her post tripped my attitude switch, her blog has a way of doing that for me....I love it.

So....I'm outa here.
I gotta go pack, load up...and hit the road. Of course I'm taking my camera, hope to get some bloggable pics for later on this week....maybe even some interesting tales to tell.
As Dianne says...
Be kind out there.


Dianne said...

"tripped my attitude switch" - love that phrase shelly

and thanks for such kind, wonderful words - your post felt like a hug from an old friend :)

and remember - as you're driving your inner child can play all sorts of great games!

kenju said...

I read that same post this morning, and I loved it too.

bobbie said...

Dianne is special, isn't she? She's first on my list.
Have a safe journey.