Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm over here!....Love, Iris

I've been stalking my daffodils, waiting to take a photo of the first blossoms. While all along little Miss Iris has been showing color, waiting for her "photo op". I've been giving all of my attention to the daffy-daffs. I'm sorry Iris, you're very pretty...and to show you how sorry I am for not paying a lick of attention to you, I'll post your photo before the daffy-dolls.


Lori said...

Very lovely. Can you send Spring this way? We are buried in about a foot of snow.

Jerrie said...

My irises are just not cooperating - still no bloom! Lucky you! I am not a huge iris person, but I want them to bloom - love the color!

pink dogwood said...

so beautiful - we are driving to disney next week - I hope to meet spring along the way in Geogia and Carolinas :)

Diane Mandy said...

One of my favorite flowers--just lovely!

Dianne said...

they say the daffodils know they're being stalked :)

yet another beautiful photo.


Such a moment of hope. Sigh.

Shelly said...

Lori - That snow will melt before you know it.
Jerrie - This iris is a petite early variety, I think yours are a late one.
Pink - Ohh...that sounds like fun...I love road trips, safe travels!
Diane M- Pretty huh? To think I almost didn't see it.
Dianne - Yeah...I need a black hoodie and dark glasses.
Liberty - Soon my dear...soon.