Saturday, March 29, 2008

From lovely to lousy

This was the view from the front yard on Monday...absolutely lovely...the promise of spring...the vibrant greens....pops of color here and there.
This is the same view this's been spitting snow for a few days. Phooey. Is this Mother Nature's way of telling me to get back in the house and tidy things up? Whattteverrrr!

This plant is not going to be one bit happy.

The daffodils are daffy-pops, I think they're going to be toast. The weight of the snow is knocking them down making for a very sad farmer girl. Oh well, at least I took a lot of pics before they went horizontal.

But this little girl thinks that this is the most fun, eat snow, roll, run, spin, eat snow, run, eat snow, repeat, go to couch and take nap.
Forecast? More snow tomorrow, guess I better get out the vacuum and windex so MN can get back into the swing of spring.


tami said...

I've been trying to write a post about the weather this morning but I am speechless. Hard to imagine but at this point I am at a loss for words!

Lisa said...

oh my gosh, if it did that here right now, after all these days with the sun shining, i think i'd just sit in the house and cry... forget the vacuum! here's wishing you more sunny days... VERY SOON!!!